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Behind the Lens: "Winter Sounds"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 Lens: 300mm Aperture: F32 Filter: Polarizer Exposure: 2 mins Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100 Location: Mt. Rainer, Washington

Get to Know Jeff Mitchum!

Jeff Mitchum Shares His Journey Into Fine Art Landscape Photography

"I didn't go out and discover photography, photography discovered me." ~ Jeff Mitchum

Do Not Mix!

Tips from Greg Essayan

Ocean salt spray and camera equipment do not mix. The good news is today many professional level cameras and lenses are quote "weather-sealed;" however, they still need to be carefully cleaned following a sessi...

Shooting Colorado

Out and About with Greg Essayan

A rushing stream, fall colors and a camera... what more could a person ask for?

Behind the Lens: "Fragrance of Fall"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Ebony 4x5 Lens: 120 mm Aperture: F45 Filter: 3 stop hard grad Exposure: 2 minutes Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100 Location: Zion National Park I had been wandering in and out of this ravine for severa...

Behind the Lens: "Tahoe Blues"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 Lens: 90 MM Aperture: F5.8 Exposure: 6 hours Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100 Location: Lake Tahoe, California What originally beckoned me to Tahoe was the notion of finding a rustic boathouse. Wandering t...

Markian Olynyk Creates New Demi Arcs to Pair with a Few of Jeff's Most Popular Landscapes

Markian Olynyk, whose work has been published in numerous books and magazines and seen in private collections and public spaces worldwide, has announced new demi arcs especially for Jeff Mitchum Galleries. The demi arcs a...

Behind the Lens: "IceFall"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 Lens: 90 mm Aperture: F45 Filter: None Exposure: 2 seconds Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100 Location: Eastern Sierras, Ca. My entire childhood was spent running around these hills fishing, hiking and expl...

Behind the Lens: "Forest People"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 camera Lens:  90mm lens Aperture: F22 Filter:  Polarizer Exposure: 4 seconds Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100 Location: Simpson Reed Grove, Redwoods National Park, CA My annual pilgrimage into t...

A Literal "Inside Look"

Ever wondered what landscape photographers carry in those field bags? Check out this shot of Greg Essayan's bag from airport security... can you name the equipment? 

Hoping for Magic Light

Greg Essayan Chases Light in Utah for Jeff Mitchum Galleries

Waiting and hoping for some "magic light" following a clearing storm over Bryce Canyon, Utah. ~ Greg Essayan

Shooting New York

Quick Tip from JMG's Greg Essayan

In my opintion, the key to shooting New York is to be at the appropriate elevation for your subject. This can vary from ground level to a helicopter verticality and becomes a major factor in your artistic creativity and ...

Behind the Lens: "Three Brothers"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 camera  Lens: 300 MM Aperture: F 5.8 Exposure: 15 minutes Film: Fuji Velvia Crystal Location: La Jolla, California “Three Brothers” is a 15-minute exposure, which means that I left m...

Behind the Lens: "Holy Water"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 camera  Lens: 90 MM Aperture: F32 Filter: Polarizer and 3 stop ND filter Exposure: 2 minutes Film: Fuji Velvia Crystal Location: Negev Desert, Israel Where can you find blue-green water married...

"Anne, 1976"

Greg Essayan's "Anne, 1976" in Yale University Art Gallery's Permanent Collection

Before Greg Essayan began his career as an attorney and businessman in New York, his portrait titled “Anne, 1976”  had already been acquired by the Yale University Art Gallery. The acc...

The Mittens

Forever Treking in our Favor, Greg Essayan Explores Monument Valley

"If there was ever a location that is most associated with the American West it must be "The Mittens" in Monument Valley Tribal Park on the border of Utah and Arizona. I never tire of this extraordinary and sac...

Behind the Lens: "Teton Whisper"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Phase 1Q 80 Lens: 90 MM Filter: 6 stop soft grad Exposure: 1/15 second Film: Fuji Velvia Crystal Location: Teton County, Wyoming Additional Notes: You will hear me speak about visualization,...

Freedom Camping at Lake Pukaki!

Our Very Own Roaming Photographer, Greg Essayan, Explores New Zealand

Lake Pukaki; one of my favorite spots in New Zealand other than Milford Sound. Thanks to a concept known as Freedom Camping that exists throughout New Zealand which pretty much means you can camp anywhere that is safe as long...

Behind the Lens: "The Alchemist"

Camera: Ebony 4x5 Lens: 120 mm Aperture: F64 Filter: Lee 6 stop soft grad Exposure: Two exposures - one four minutes, one eight Film: Fuji Velvia Location: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur Additional ...

Behind the Lens: "Odysea"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Hasselblad H4D  Lens: 24-80 MM Aperture: F32  Filter: 14 stops of grad filter with 6 stops of hard Exposure: 32 seconds Film: Fuji Velvia Crystal Location: Davenport, California ...

Eilean Donan Castle

Greg Essayan Explores Scotland

This is Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland near Isle of Skye, which is visible in the distant background. It has been used in many films and is truly iconic and the most famous castle in Scotland. I just couldn't tear myself...

Celebrated Landscape Photographer Jeff Mitchum Opens Fine Art Gallery at La Plaza La Jolla

Update: Gallery Now Closed

La Plaza La Jolla, the luxury open-air shopping destination located in the village of La Jolla, California, is pleased to announce that local resident and renowned landscape photographer Jeff Mitchum, regarded as the ‘An...

Too. Much. Plastic.

A Sad Reminder on Earth Day 2016 from our Very Own Greg Essayan

During a recent trip to Kaui,  Greg Essayan was exploring the beautiful landscapes in search of new fine art images. Unfortunately, he found more walking along the beaches than anticipated. What initially looked lik...

Sir Anthony Hopkins Unveils Permanent Art Exhibition at Jeff Mitchum Galleries in Las Vegas

Serigraphs and Original Works Now Available for Acquisition at Jeff Mitchum Galleries

Multi-talented Academy Award-winner, Sir Anthony Hopkins, brings his vibrant vision and creative inspiration to Las Vegas with the opening of his permanent art exhibition at Jeff Mitchum Galleries in both Bellagio and MGM Gr...

Greg Essayan's "Freedom's Home" Arrives at Jeff Mitchum Galleries, MGM Grand

Greg Essayan recently visited Jeff Mitchum Galleries at MGM Grand to see one of his newest installed prints, "Freedom's Home." JMG art consultants, Johnnie and Marc, join him for a quick photo! Visit Greg&#...

Behind the Lens: "Pool of Heaven"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 Lens: 90 mm Aperture: F45 Exposure: 2 minutes Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100 Location: Zion National Park, Utah To reach this grand entrance to a one-of-a-kind place, one must undertake a merciless hike ...

Greg Essayan Writes the JMG Team from 71 Degrees North!

Our ever-roaming artist, Greg Essayan, spent a lot of time this year exploring the edges of the Arctic! Check out his notes from the field to the JMG team and click below to view one of the stunning prints from ...

Waiting for the Light

Always on the move! Greg Essayan stands on one of the many stone bridges in Bruges, Belgium, with a shot composed, waiting for the light.

Greg Essayan's "Kootenay Sunset" Arrives at Jeff Mitchum Galleries Bellagio and MGM Grand

I  spent   most  of the day  scouting   locations  to capture this beautiful winter evening on the Kootenay River in British Columbia, Canada. The weather had been cloudy and gray with ...

Jeff Mitchum Captures the "Fight of The Century"

The Fine Art of Boxing: Mayweather and Pacquiao

Fight week has hit MGM Grand in Las Vegas! Jeff Mitchum Galleries is currently the acclaimed sports artist Brent Benger and International Boxing Hall of Fame artist, Richard Slone! And our own Jeff Mitchum is t...