July 15, 2015

Greg Essayan Writes the JMG Team from 71 Degrees North!

Our ever-roaming artist, Greg Essayan, spent a lot of time this year exploring the edges of the Arctic! Check out his notes from the field to the JMG team and click below to view one of the stunning prints from the trip that is now on display at Jeff Mitchum Galleries. 

"Greetings from Lat71 degrees North! I hope all is well with each of you. I'm now making my way back south having left Nord Kapp, the northenmost point of land on the European continent and the towns of Gjesvaer and Kamoyvaer. There is definitely a 'You're not in Kansas anymore' feeling about shooting up here. With the 'midnight sun' the 'golden hour' lasts three hours! The weather that comes in off the Arctic Ocean and the Barrents Sea changes dramatically and so crazy fast that sometimes there's barely enough time to change lenses, compose, and recheck focus. It's like the 'I Love Lucy' chocolate factory episode.

Peace out... Greg"

Click to view Greg's image, "The Sorlandet."