June 4, 2015

Greg Essayan's "Kootenay Sunset" Arrives at Jeff Mitchum Galleries Bellagio and MGM Grand

spent most of the day scouting locations to capture this beautiful winter evening on the Kootenay River in British Columbia, Canada. The weather had been cloudy and gray with periods of snow but I remained hopeful. I finally decided to return to a spot on the Kootenay that I envisioned might be fantastic if nature cooperated. The perspective, orientation and light would be perfect if I was fortunate enough to have the sun break through the cloud cover before it set. Luckily, I was blessed with precisely what I had hoped for. In the very last moments, just as it was about to drop below the forested mountainside behind me, the sun broke through the clouds and lit the peaks before me in a brilliant golden light and set the entire sky to a fiery burn. I rechecked my focus, confirmed my exposure and released the shutter with now numb fingers. Then, as quickly as the magnificence before me had materialized, it vanished. As I packed my gear and headed back to the Jeep, my heart was filled with joy and satisfaction. ~ Greg Essayan

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