August 24, 2017

Markian Olynyk Creates New Demi Arcs to Pair with a Few of Jeff's Most Popular Landscapes

Markian Olynyk, whose work has been published in numerous books and magazines and seen in private collections and public spaces worldwide, has announced new demi arcs especially for Jeff Mitchum Galleries. The demi arcs are 2/3 the size of the current arcs at 32" by 6" inches, and were created with some of Jeff Mitchum's most popular images in mind; Fire Lake, Blue Zen and Inner Light. Simply gorgeous!

Markian works from his studio in Vancouver creating acclaimed glass art that has appeared in luxury hotels, commercial buildings, international airports, hospitals, places of worship, restaurants and private residences and yachts worldwide. His passion for creating expressive works of composition, color and texture is obvious as the sculptures are integrated, relevant and always have a story to tell. Jeff is thrilled to have such a master sculptor creating custom works that perfectly complement his fine art landscape photography!