by Jeff Mitchum @JeffMitchumGalleries

July 18, 2017

Behind the Lens: "Three Brothers"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 camera 
Lens: 300 MM
Aperture: F 5.8
Exposure: 15 minutes
Film: Fuji Velvia Crystal
Location: La Jolla, California

“Three Brothers” is a 15-minute exposure, which means that I left my shutter open that long in order to record the image. Each minute gave more of the beauty and exceptional rarity of this night, but also the nature of this evening storm. Look at the three lightning strikes. Each is evenly spaced and exactly five minutes apart as this system moved north, left to right.

“Romancing The Light” and “Three Brothers” are a great collection to pair, as “Romancing The Light” was shot just before the lightning strikes began.