by Jeff Mitchum @JeffMitchumGalleries

August 17, 2017

Behind the Lens: "Forest People"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Fuji GX617 camera
Lens:  90mm lens
Aperture: F22
Filter:  Polarizer
Exposure: 4 seconds
Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100
Location: Simpson Reed Grove, Redwoods National Park, CA

My annual pilgrimage into the Redwoods occurs in the late spring around May. The trails and loops within this system provide several vantage points, but few allow for cathedral viewing. The Redwoods, as the tallest living organisms on earth, have a way of dominating open areas.

When I hiked out of one of these ravines and up to this knoll and looked back, this is what I viewed: A family of perfectly spaced 2,000-year-old redwoods. I have never met anyone who has walked through these amazing groves who hasn’t been mortified that people used to destroy these magnificent natural wonders.

Unfortunately, these treasures have dwindled to just 3 percent of their once vast numbers. This is why we must speak on behalf of these silent giants.