by Jeff Mitchum @JeffMitchumGalleries

September 23, 2017

Behind the Lens: "Fragrance of Fall"

by Jeff Mitchum

Camera: Ebony 4x5

Lens: 120 mm

Aperture: F45

Filter: 3 stop hard grad

Exposure: 2 minutes

Film: Fuji Velvia, ISO 100

Location: Zion National Park

I had been wandering in and out of this ravine for several days with my goal to find freshly fallen maple leaves swirling in the water. I walked over a boulder, looked down and saw the whirlpool with leaves blowing in from high above.

My eyes were drawn to the critical third element, the waterfall, and I went to work. Through experience, I knew a long shutter speed would create red streaks across the film plane as the leaves circled the pool. Sporadic rainfall was my only other hurdle. The sounds, colors and water were the elements of the day. Every day should be like this!