EARTH ROOMS @JeffMitchumGalleries


While the fine art at Jeff Mitchum Galleries is breathtaking all by itself, combining it with a selection from Pacific Green's line of eco-furniture and one of Markian Olynyk's stunning glass sculptures turns a room into a peaceful, organic and meditative escape. 

Jeff first saw Olynyk's work in 2008 and wondered how he created these living earth pieces. "Here is a man who is a fine-art photographer, environmentalist and world-class artist who uses glass as his camera," Jeff said.

Markian found Jeff's photographs equally wondrous so the two decided to collaborate. There are now three kinds of glass art available at Jeff Mitchum Galleries. Monoliths are tall, vertical glass pieces, Arcs are curved, horizontal glass pieces, and Demi Arcs are smaller versions of Arcs. To create an "Earth Room," some glass work was made specifically to match Jeff's photographs and these creations are limited to 12 Artist Proofs. But making the work even more unique, every Olynyk creation is unique because each one is made individually. And, if a glass piece hasn't yet been imagined for one of Jeff's prints, the buyer can actually give input and help complete the series.

"The Earth rooms are a representation of Markian's mastery, my fine-art photography, and our friendship," Jeff says. "It takes two to be a brother!"

One of our professionals will be delighted to design an Earth room specifically for your living space. Let us know what we can create for you.