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February 11, 2014

"Third Day" Wins Memorial Maria Luisa

"Third Day" Wins Nature Category, "Three Brothers" Receives High Honors

Jeff Mitchum Galleries is pleased to announce that two of the renowned photographer’s images have been recognized in the 2013 Memorial Maria Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contest – “Third Day” is the winner of the Nature category and “Three Brothers” is awarded one of ten highly commended mentions.

“It is such an honor to have my work recognized in this prestigious competition and such a rarity to have two images chosen for the same category,” said Mitchum. “What I love most about this contest is the insistence of the jurors to see original film and files. They want to ensure the photographs are naturally captured in the field and have not been doctored or created on the computer. All of this leads back to Maria Luisa’s appreciation for the simplistic and natural beauty of nature.”

The Memorial Maria Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contest was created to remember Maria Luisa Alvarez, a fierce outdoors woman and nature lover who died in a mountain accident in November 1990. To honor her love of the mountains, the contest accepts only mountaineering and nature photos that have not been drastically edited in post production. The images are also judged based on the creative process, including technical difficulty and overall photo quality.


“Third Day”


Mitchum’s famed print, currently valued at $1.8 million, was captured after years of reconnaissance effort in the Eastern Sierras. In fact, Mitchum had visited the location a week before the image was taken but decided to return when the trees had lost their green and transformed into the glorious tints of yellow, red and orange shown in the image. Upon returning the following week, Mitchum’s patience was more than rewarded when he was greeted with the fanfare only Aspens can muster. Set against the backdrop of a rolling storm, the landscape finally offered the image Mitchum had envisioned for years; creating this unique piece of spectacular and surreal beauty. When he first glimpsed the finished product, deep bliss and the feeling of eternity lingered in his mind. To Mitchum, this shot represents the resurrection of life.


“Three Brothers”

Recognizing that stormy weathers can yield colorful, dramatic images, Mitchum diligently studies weather charts and reports so that he can travel to pre-scouted locations prior to the arrival of storms. For “Three Brothers,” the turbulent storm and brilliant sunset were in place as predicted when he arrived. However, to his surprise, a lightning cell was also moving through the camera lens. Mitchum positioned his camera and left the shutter open for 15 minutes, capturing the beauty of the fading sunset with the rarity of lightning strikes, each evenly spaced and exactly five minutes apart.

For more details on the Memorial Maria Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contest, please visit their website. More information on Jeff Mitchum and his work can be found at or his Facebook page.