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April 8, 2014

“Third Day” Acquired for $1.8 MILLION

Exclusive Collector’s Edition of “Third Day” Among Most Expensive Landscape Photographs Ever Sold

Famed landscape photographer, Jeff Mitchum, has sold his award-winning image, “Third Day,” for $1.8 million, making it one of the most expensive landscape photographs ever sold. The collector’s edition photograph is printed on archival 48 inches by 60 inches Ilfochrome silver halide paper, making it one of the largest prints of these high-sellers. The image will last up to 300 years on this museum-quality paper and is artfully framed in original Aspen tree bark from the Eastern Sierras. Prior to the purchase, this photo was the entrance piece at Jeff Mitchum Gallery at MGM Grand.

Captured using a large-format camera, “Third Day” is a result of patience and faith that Mother Nature will paint a picture in her own time. To shoot the stunning image, Mitchum returned to the same spot in the Eastern Sierras for 15 years. He visited this location, which rarely has seen such exceptional and dramatic light, one week before the image was taken but decided to return when the trees had lost their green. Upon returning the following week, Mitchum’s patience was more than rewarded when he was greeted with glorious tints of yellow, red and orange announcing autumn’s arrival. Set against the backdrop of a rolling storm, the landscape finally offered the image he had envisioned for years; creating this unique piece of spectacular and surreal beauty.

Not only is “Third Day” one of the most expensive landscape photographs ever sold, it has won numerous awards. Of note is the Memorial Maria Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contest, where it won best overall print in the nature category. Only mountaineering and nature photos that have not been drastically edited in post production are accepted for consideration in the contest. The images are then judged based on the creative process, including technical difficulty and overall photo quality.

“I think of ‘Third Day’ as one of my masterpieces,” said Mitchum. “A shot like this comes along only once in a lifetime and I’m ecstatic that I can preserve nature’s beauty for future generations and push fine art photography to its rightful place among the great art pieces of the world. When I first saw the finished photo, it represented the resurrection of life, evoked a deep bliss and the feeling of eternity lingered in my mind. I hope others will be as moved as I am by this compelling piece.”

“Third Day” is one of Mitchum’s most recognized photographs and it beautifully symbolizes his mission – to preserve nature’s splendor for future generations. The importance of environmental sustainability and the magnificence of the Eastern Sierras has been passed down through generations in the Mitchum family. He hopes that his work will instill a sense of wonder in today’s youth, urge them to experience the Eastern Sierras first hand and when shooting their own photographs, maintain the purity of creating a magnificent image in camera, without any post-production work.

Jeff is excited about what selling this image means to fine art photographers and the recognition it brings to their field. "When you go back in history and watch the interaction between the great landscape painter Georgia O'Keefe and Ansel Adams, you see the emergence of our gifts being finally commended,” said Mitchum. “Georgia was reluctant to embrace Ansel’s work until she saw the results. I am certain Ms. O'Keefe would have loved to see how far our fine art photography has come from those early beginnings.”