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As a young boy I was fascinated with my rock tumbler, a simple machine with the sole purpose of transforming the unfinished into the finished. The barrel houses an erosion microcosm complete with the essential elements for change: stone and abrasives. After only a week of tumbling, rough textured stones would be converted into beautiful polished gems. I never ceased marveling at this process, no matter the number of times I ran that hobbyist machine!
Standing here, on this Icelandic beach, I am overwhelmed by the power and magnetism of this place. This site is primal, marked by the basic earthly elements of water and black volcanic rock. One of these is frozen and yet kinetic. The other is crushed and elegantly polished. The glacial ice forms seem lasting and confident on the ebony strand. The contrast is stunning. The Icelandic sky conveys its approval of the artistic process unfolding below as clouds and light mimic the shoreline canvas.
Much like my childhood device, the enduring force that is the ocean, diligently sands, smoothes and polishes Earth's discarded fragments and transforms them into true Jewels. I am thankful to have captured this moment of apparent order. For just as quickly as I had clicked the shutter, the next wave enveloped the treasure and washed it away. ~ Aubra Franklin