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There are certain landscapes that seem as if they were created just for photographers. These scenes present beauty, inspiration, and perhaps challenge to those of us for whom photography is an artistic medium. I suppose that is the reason the Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado are one of the most photographed mountains on the planet. The peaks have a stately splendor for which only the response of “Majesty” is appropriate. This is truly a place that mesmerizes the senses and replenishes the soul!
For eight years I have photographed this magnificent vista in all four seasons. The mountains' raiment systematically changes, serving as a reminder that snow and ice give way to buds, green grass and eventually an autumnal palette. All the while the sedimentary giants steadfastly await the next seasonal cycle.
None of my attempts at photographing the Maroon Bells have been more glorious than that of this captured moment. Flawless timing catches the golden hue of the aspens while backlit clouds form a lacy boundary between earth and sky. Symmetry permeates a mirror image that is nothing short of spectacular. The colors, lines, textures and shapes explode into a feast of visual design! The result is a breathtaking image of a moment that passed quickly, yet will be inspirational for many years to come. ~ Aubra Franklin