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Venice. The name alone possesses the power to conjure a wide array of feelings and perceptions. When you are present in the city, you are overwhelmed with a multitude of images. Some visions remain true to the city's present reality, while many evoke a response that spirits you away to an alternate explanation.
Summertime crowds, wintertime floods. These are true observations. But Venice is much more. The Queen of the Adriatic is a city of contradictions, appearing as if it has literally sprung from the sea. This grand lady, with her intimate exposure to the elements, is in a constant state of decay, yet she is of delicious character. Venice's buildings draped in rich, warm tones, set against the sparkling water; the tiny alleyways that dead end into seemingly just discovered canals; the peeling paint and exposed bricks; seemingly endless features that somehow communicate an air of stately grace, always elegant, never shabby: these are a few bits of the city's magic. It is romantic and venerable, breath-taking and jaw-dropping. A city easy to love and make your own.
A position on the only wooden bridge in Venice, Ponte dell'Accademia, presents a gorgeous view of the Grand Canal gracefully veering past the stately Saluta Church. The sunrise glistening off the gold faade of Palazzo Dario, with a memory of an age when wealthy Venetian merchants built watery palaces, a four minute-exposure beautifully rendered this scene bathed in a painterly gold glow.