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Fine art photo of sunset in Lake Tahoe, California by Jeff Mitchum for home decor
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Why is it that we love to wander through nature with no real purpose but to let her express her beauty? In considering my question, I believe the answer is that in solitude we find what normal is. Meaning, life is at balance when our senses are competing only with natural light, nature and the aesthetic of our natural world. This is why we love to live with art. Nature enlivens our senses.
In seeking out special images at the root of these magnificent moments, there is a balance when you find the right space. A connection if you would. This is where light, color, water, trees, clouds and soul embrace each other for that moment when a certain landscape photographer decides this is the right place and evening.
As much as is made out of seizing the reflective light in that moment, it’s her movement with the wind and watching her accentuate her length from the horizon to the grace clouds above that offers the contrast and beauty you have come to witness. The joining cast of a family in a quiet meadow, lupine, ponderosas and a river running through all applaud this dance of color.