Fine art photo of fishing pier in Israel by Jeff Mitchum for home decor
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Look closely at the fisherman - their poles are 30 feet long and they are sitting on a wall that is about 2,000 years old. Add a setting sun on the Mediterranean Sea, and you have... unforgettable!
I almost walked away from this location because I looked at only the rough side (the back side of this picture). Then I had an inclination to walk another 50 yards and see what was there. Over the wall and behind me sat the image I almost didn't get because I was close to stopping the movie halfway through!
Mediterranean beauty strikes hard at the one's core. The inner beauty of the ruins often escapes us, but then we walk around the corner and there it is, looking at us.
In 2,000 years, many fish have been caught in Caesarea. Prisoners on their way to Rome sailed past these walls. Emperors sunbathed and walked on these walls. Kids, just being kids, threw rocks from these walls into the sea.
Colors, architecture, light, history and balance all are here in this photograph. Kingdoms come and go, but these walls have outlived them all. Some exception images make you want to sit with them as long as you can.