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Greg Essayan

Greg Essayan

Greg made his first photographs with a vintage Argus C3 camera given to him by his father nearly 50 years ago. A Yale graduate and history of art major, Greg was privileged to have been mentored by two of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, Ansel Adams and Walker Evans. During this period, Greg worked primarily in black and white using an​ 8x10 Deardorff view camera and did his printing in a traditional darkroom, sometimes employing vintage printing methods such as platinum printing. Greg's iconic image "Anne, 1976" was acquired by the Yale University Art Gallery for its permanent collection in 1977, making Greg the youngest artist to have work in the gallery's permanent collection at the time. Temporarily putting the life of an artist aside, Greg earned his Juris Doctorate,​ becoming​ an attorney and successful businessman in New York City. Over the years however, photography remained his true passion and calling.

Today,​ Greg creates stunning photographic pieces capturing the beauty and drama of our planet and even the universe beyond. He does whatever is required, travels to remote locations and often works under challenging conditions to realize his artistic vision. Some of Greg's pieces require months of planning and preparation to execute. His breathtaking images of the heavens capture starlight that left distant suns aeons ago. In essence, these images are a time machine, a magical window into the distant past and across the vast expanse of light years, space and time. Through technical mastery of the medium and decades of experience, Greg pushes the limits of photographic imaging technology while at the same time remaining true to the traditions of classical painting. His beautiful atmospheric landscape pieces celebrate light and color in a manner that evokes the great landscape painters of the late​19th century such as Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran. 

For Greg, photography has been and continues to be a lifelong spiritual journey of discovery that we are fortunate to have him share. 

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