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Mohan Sundaresan

Mohan Sundaresan

Mohan was born in Bangalore, India, in 1945. “In India we did everything with our hands. I learned how to paint at a young age since we made our own toys.” He has lived in London as well as Vienna but has called La Jolla, California, home since 1989. Mohan draws the inspiration for his art from several sources, including his dachshund "Dizzie," who he walks daily around town. "Dizzie is my philosopher," said Mohan. "He believes he is part of everything and everything is a part of him. Dizzie inspires me to realize my oneness. My father's words are also important to me. He taught me that at some point you have to teach yourself. You have to grow and evolve on your own." Music also inspires Mohan. He listens to many different artists whiles he paints: Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven, Miles Davis, and Willie Nelson, to name a few. He is influenced by painters William Turner and Zao Wo-Ki.

From the Artist:

The artworks are created in my studio in La Jolla using a technique that I developed over the years. Several processes are involved in each piece. I begin a project by putting colors on two canvasses of equal size. The colors are determined by what impressions are in my mind at the time. Sunsets, flowers, the ocean, stars, and nature in general give me inspiration. The state of the world affects what thoughts are in my brain when I am painting. When they are dry, I turn each canvas face down and cut it into random curves and shapes. I add a sphere to the mix, which represents a gem. Finally, I weave the two canvasses together around the sphere, cutting slits in strategic places so they lie flat. Each weave is carefully glued in place. The weaving is the part that I enjoy most. The message is the same in every piece. We are all born with a gem inside us that needs to be polished. No one is better than another. Painting began as a hobby, then became a habit and a passion, and is today an obsession. I can't go a day without painting, it is such a release. I used to travel all over the world, but now I travel when I paint.

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